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1890's Crescent-Pad Catcher's Mitt

Product no.: 2119-415

1890's grommet-back crescent-pad catcher's mitt with buckle at thumb.

$250.00 *
In stock

Ratsch Peerless Duck Web Glove

Product no.: 2119-416

Early 1900's Ratsch Peerless Duck Web Glove.

$1,500.00 *
In stock

New Rare Early Leather Converse High Top Basketball Shoes

Product no.: 11616-169

Black leather Converse high top basketball shoes with the traditional "comfort arch" and "cushioned heel" insoles of the 1930s and 1940s All Stars without the patch and label of the canvas styles.

$175.00 *
In stock

New Early Black Leather High Top Basketball Shoes

Product no.: 11616-170

Likely from the Depression era, these unlabeled black leather high top basketball shoes are in good condition with some wear to the leather at the ankles and very little sole wear.

$150.00 *
In stock

New 60s-70s White Converse All Stars Size 13

Product no.: 11616-171

1960's-70s Converse All Star canvas low top basketball shoes, white, Mens Size 13

$150.00 *
In stock

New 60s White Converse Coach Style Canvas Shoes Size 14

Product no.: 11616-172

1960s canvas low top basketball shoes, Mens Size 14, styled after Converse Coach.

$50.00 *
In stock
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