About us

I have been an athlete and loved sports all my life. I remember my dad bringing home a new football or glove, and I would love the smell of the new leather, or the feel of my uniforms or a new pair of athletic shoes. In my twenties, I started collecting sports items--things I could pick up and play with. I guess I am just an American "sports picker." I love items from old sporting goods stores, things I remember from when I was a kid. My collection has grown over the years, and now it's time for me to start sharing it with others.

I am still out picking, still enjoying the thrill of the hunt, so check back often, as new items will be appearing regularly. If you have things like you see on my web site and want to sell them, please email me; I am always interested in knowing where there might be sports treasures hidden away.

I hope you enjoy our site--it's taken some hard work by some dedicated people to bring this to life.

And remember one thing: everyone needs to have a hobby--it brings passion to life.



Jon has been collecting sports cards and memorabilia for decades, annually selling items at the National Sport Collector Convention and maintaining connections with other collectors in the circuit. In 2014, he began the process of creating this web site to list and catalog his items. The site launched in 2015 and supports a storefront opened in 2020 in Shelbyville, Tennessee, an hour outside of Nashville and thirty minutes from Lynchburg, the home of Jack Daniels. After years of imagining what this one-of-a-kind shop would look like, Jon invites people in to engage their imaginations, fill their collections, learn about the history of sports, and perhaps begin a new lifelong hobby or passion of their own.

Not everything on this site is in the store, and not everything in the store is on this site. Be sure to contact us if you have questions or are looking for specific items!

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